K A S I M A W O !!

A prayer from the Heart “In twenty years from now I don’t want to be just another name I want to be your Ola Tan Wa – Ola Ta ti ri gba, ti an ke  In twenty years from now I still want to be in your life The amazing life we’ve built together with […]

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Philosophy of Hurt!

Olaseni and I were talking a few days ago about heartbreak and which one was the most painful one I ever had. I rambled on about the “Love Heptagon” I was in many years ago. It wasn’t until today that I realised that I had completely forgotten the moments last year when I was certain […]

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Hello World & Hello Leah !

This is an attempt to dust the cobwebs from my keyboard. Speaking of “chordwebs” I once had the fiery hots for Dare, a guy in a band by the same name but let me rein myself in and focus before I go off on a random tangent. I have not written here in forever and I […]

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