My mind is a constant stream of thoughts
But the thought of you undoubtedly dominates
How you will have ended.
What form your plot would have taken
What emotions you would have stirred up in your audiences
But I’m quick to remember that you never really began….
Never got to your pilot scene Nor a chance to blossom!
I had unwittingly predicted your life span
Had I had foresight?
Perhaps I would have gotten a chance to see this story,
that I now continually yearn for come to life.
I am of the illusion
that somehow my words had a role to play in your demise
but how quick I forget
that I am not the only character in your script.
However I long for you that never saw the light of day.
That was but a vision of two hearts
I long to see how your characters,
would have left their prints
etched in the sands of time.
I seek to understand your abrupt end.
To silence the guilt
I now wear like a piece of clothing once and for all..
You hold the keys to all that is left Unanswered…Untold


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