Random facts about Olatanwa ♥

I have a thing for 1940s glamour and I secretly wish i was born right after the great depression…an old soul trapped in a young lady’s body….

Speaking of old i’m a sucker for Nigerian oldies..Oldies in gerenral give me a classic from Bobby Benson,Victor Uwaifo, King Sunny Ade, Eddie Okonta, Ebenezer Obey, Onyeka Onwenu, Victor Olaiya , The Great ‘Fela Anikulapo Kuti [who by the way was also born in October (15)] … ” Sam Cooke” , Nat King Cole , Lionel Richie , ‘ Stevie Wonder ‘, “Ray Charles” ..

i love words (spoken,written,unsaid sung)… these are the windows to a person’s soul.. a pathway to all that lay hidden. My love affair with words started long ago. I used to act in high school… I wish there were more Theatre houses in Nigeria… Stage Plays `sigh` the power of delivery…there’s this… je ne sais quoi about stage plays that leaves you feeling like you’ve just experienced something truly authentic and full of depth

This reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all times All about EVE(a 1950s classic starring Betty Davis, Anne Baxter, Celeste Holm, Thelma Ritter)….Praised by critics at the time of its release, All About Eve was nominated for 14 Academy Awards (a feat that was unmatched until the 1997 film, Titanic) and won six.

i’m a big big Jane Austen lover… i have watched “Pride & Prejudice”, ‘Sense & Sensiblity‘, ‘Persuasion’ “Mansfield Park” and “Northanger’s Abbey” a kazillion times…. i love Fitzwilliam Darcy popularly known as Mr Darcy (a character from Pride & Prejudice) & John Willoughby (a character from Sense & Sensibility)

i also love reading Rukky’s Frocks : The problem with finding love in Lagos http://bit.ly/eOfzAo ( a link to one of her articles) Let Me reiterate i love Rukky Ladoja… reading her articles gives me joy.. even though i have never summed up the courage to tell her in person…(yes i’ve seen her at LPM & even at IcecreamFactory)

anyways beneath are links to her writes ups i love best

Rukky goes on a first date http://bit.ly/fcdwcF

The Awful Truth http://bit.ly/eHC3TP

I love flavours…they add variety & that needed umpth..

I love colours….they give new meaning when ever they are introduced….

I have a strong sense of style (even if i say so myself) i’ll choose accessories over a new outfit.. accessories are the glue that hold|tie it all together..presenting a perfect picture (perfection is relative)

Women who inspire me besides my “mothers’ [yes I have two] are;

– Margaret Thatcher [ also known as Iron Lady & born in the awesome month of October (13)]

– MBD ♥ ♥

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis [ also known as Jacky-O]

– Audrey Hepburn

– Grace Kelly [Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco]

– Efunjoke Coker

– Helen Prest Ajayi.

I prefer writing in lower case

I love all the kinds of peppers that exist…ata rodo,yellow chili,cayenne pepper,black pepper,green pepper,white pepper,Pink peppercorns….I loveee breakfast food, like I can literally eat it all day everyday. At the thought of my signature pancakes my stomach does a back flip..I love to spoil my palate with decadent delights..Sweet, Savoury or Spicy!

I’m attracted to smart people … as I’m quite certain it wouldn’t be hard for a smart person to keep my interest piqued.

I do not know how to flirt (Straight Face) i”m told that the essential equipments of a Lady’s Armory are wit, charm and an ability to flirt… i’m currently reading these books “Why Men Marry Bitches” by Sherry Argov.. i quite like its sharp-witted tone… and “Flirting for Dummies’ by Elizabeth Clark …. I”m trying to get my hands on ‘The Rules’ by Ellen Fein… (be a sport and wish me luck)

Most importantly I love God! He is the center of my being.. I often stray because of my human nature.. He loves Me enough to pick Me each time I fall…

Welcome to Olatanwa Seni-Hughes’s world!


15 thoughts on “Random facts about Olatanwa ♥

  1. Lol @ reading a book to learn to flirt! I am with you on that. I am clueless on flirting. I don’t know when I am flirting and when I am not. I tend to mix them up loads.
    Smart people are a BIG turn on! Lol x

  2. hmmmm…. I am also reading the same book just for added knowledge though coz i am naturally flirty (iThink) and seem to catch on when a guy is trying to flirt with me and i give in.. *giggles*

    who does not love smart people?? Say I and be slapped! lol…
    and i must agreee, they are MIGHTY turn ons…. In short, i have a crush on one sef that has been claiming to catch me soon.. *what does it mean if a guy says if i catch you* .. Bye.. Love your blog!

  3. Henrietta i’m glad i”ve made you a believer..Welcome to the Fold!
    and im sure we all know what he means to do ” should he catch you”….

  4. Omg!!!major blush!!! A friend just sent me hereee. Thank you plenty for the shout out. Hopefully bump into you again soon. Xxxxx

  5. I saw Efunjoke Coker on the list and immediately wondered if you went to QC since she was a former principal there. Did you?

    I love pepper too. In fact, it’s an on-going affair that I refuse to end anytime soon 🙂

    1. Mztizzle! I love that you enjoyed reading it….. Hahaha mi o to be, I will honour every process… This post “Random facts about Olatanwa” was written March 2011. I intend to write a new post following the rules of the Versatile Blog Award Thank you so very much for the Award!! Much appreciated!

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