Entiché [1377]

The make up of these numbers  [1377] resonates silently with you,
my  dear writer in more ways than one.
However, your true identity is hidden,
just like a precious jewel found only at the bottom of a lady’s trinket box,
adorned only on rare occasions but fittingly treasured. Dear writer, I find that we are alike You & I,
almost like two peas in a pod.
It remains a mystery to me,
how your words read like you have a direct link to my heart.
Most times the words You speak are thoughts I have suppressed,
trapped within the walls of my heart.
Yet, they have found their way to You and are now breathing like fine wine.
At other times,
Your words read like You had me on Your mind as You wrote.
More often than I find palatable,
You leave me bereft of speech
and cause the hair on my neck to stand.

You’ll almost always have the Entiché Effect on me.
My only hope is that when we meet again,
i will have regained my poise and that my voice will no longer forsake me!

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