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*sigh* I’m pretty much a light sleeper. Any little thing jolts me and brings me back to reality… This in itself is both a blessing and a curse, unlucky for me I got an IM at 4ish and I was unable to go back to sleep. As it turned out, I got bored of chatting with the fellow and sleep had since left me high & longing for her sweet embrace.

I soon found company with “Daniel Deronda” and I have never been more in Loooove. (I still think I should get a shrink or psychologist as I cant understand my fixation with things of Old.) Maybe I told a white lie just there because I know I loove Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) with a blinding passion (I even have friends who think Blair & I are a little alike… with a lot less manipulation of course).

After watching Daniel Deronda, I have come to the realization that there really isn’t anything new under the sun, only new forms of telling it. If I may, I’d say Gwendolen Harleth is probably the real Blair Waldolf with a lot of misfortune and very strong convictions & dedication to her cause! perhaps Henleigh Mallinger Grandcourt is in fact the real Chuck Bass with a much meaner streak..

Anyhow I have digressed from the main point why I write. I applaud the BBC for what they have done to preserve art and keep it fresh like something out of an Oven. Daniel Deronda was in fact written by George Elliot in 1876, and in 2011 it still has an audience. Can we not do the same for Ours? Much of Our Art lay forgotten. We have a rich cultural background to draw inspiration from. Consider how beautiful it was to watch Things fall Apart[Chinua Achebe, 1958] in the days of old even though many young ones where scared of Okonkwo.[ (In sing song voice)”Things fall apart and the centre cannot hold!”] An adaptation of our art for screen will help us as opposed to some of the horrors that come out of Nollywood on a daily basis. This will help students prepare for Literature Exams, provide Entertainment for Leisure Seekers, as well as prove to be an Exposé for those who seek to learn about our Culture,Norms & Value-system. Most Importantly, it is a form of preserving Art, Our ART! I still remember how real it felt watching my high school seniors stage “The Marriage of Anansewa” by Efua Sutherland (1975), till today I can still visualize it. The play taught me more about Ghana, apart from the story behind “The Ghana-must-go bags”. It also made me yearn to see the old Gold Coast for myself. There I go getting carried away with my passionate ‘Art’ talk…

I did eventually find sleep.. I fell asleep dreaming of Ghana. 😀 [Thing is I’ve actually satisfied ‘said yearning’ that “The Marriage of Anansewa” stirred up in me. The trip to the Old Gold Coast ranks high on my list of most amazing holidays but alas that’s a story for another day] *Kachifo* *A bientot*


2 thoughts on “~ART~

  1. I am abit confused here…this story is incomplete.
    You fell aslp chatting to a fellow and then an IM comes in….who is daniel??

    1. Hi Brume,
      Here’s how it happened
      I was asleep and a message woke me up…since the damage had already been done. I thought I might as well chat to the fellow whose message woke me up..but it got boring after awhile..

      Daniel Deronda is the title of a BBC tv series based on a book of the same name.. I hope this clears up the misunderstandings you had..

      Thanks for stopping by… Bisous

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