One thought leads to another
as thoughts do
and you come to mind
tugging at the edge of my sanity
Unwillingly I give in…..

I had often wondered
when this day will come
where we would be
what clarity this day would bring
which words would be spoken or shelved
Why its taken us 23months to meet again
i’ll never know
Quite certain was I that our anticipated met
would be arranged not by CHANCE
but by us
How wrong I was…

Bereft of warning
we are thrown into each others personal space
enveloped with loud music
we find words
we scratch the surface
but not the heart of the matter, that we let be…
Like a treasure left to rust
beneath the debris of months gone by
eventually silence befalls us like a blanket of snow
My heart weeps at the sight of what we’ve become
Like strangers in one’s birth country!
My mouth is dry like a hazy harmattan afternoon
My legs are weak as a branch in autumn
My heart desires to pour out all its pent-up emotions
but my head is quick to shut it….
Before it gushes out!

[author’s note»» Aristotle sees “Chance” as simply a cause hidden from human understanding]

Artwork (And We Begin to Let Go ) by Njideka Akunyili



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