Moonlight Conversations

‘I shall not loose my head like Marianne Dashwood…’

(Adriana chants in under tones trying to convince herself)

‘…but like Mr Wiloughby, he is gifted with such charm. It disarms me.’

(She continues…)

‘…plus we share similar interests and, unlike Wiloughby, he is rather decent.’

Voice of Reason : A decent man, That’s unfair!

Adriana: True talk! Decent doesn’t even begin to do him justice. In his defence though, there are many other qualities he possesses that appeal to me.

Voice of  Reason : Ha! That’s even worse! means you find him compelling then. That’s bad O!

Adriana’s Soliloquy

I wonder what he really feels? If he feels anything to start with..

No I know he feels something, but how strong is IT?
is IT a Small fire about to fizzle out or a Slow fire building momentum about to consume everything in its path??
words move meHe is………….[insert description of an ideal man here]

A wise man once said to me: ‘Flattery would get you very far’

[Scene Reopens: Mr Darcy and Adriana Converse]

Mr Darcy: I would never want to hurt you, so I keep away.

Adriana: I’ve always wondered why.

Mr Darcy: Its that simple.

Adriana: Why do u suppose you’ll hurt me?

Mr Darcy: I don’t know….. (Trails off)

Mr Darcy: You’d soooooo get hurt and I’m not sure band-aids can fix that.
But you looked hot today; hot enough to shake my resolve.

Adriana: I need you to shake your resolve

Mr Darcy: and why would you want that?

Adriana: Because I want You.

Adriana: I have come to realize no one is perfect, yet I want you. You are the epitome of almost everything my heart yearns for, as crazy as that sounds.

Mr Darcy: I want you, I won’t lie. But I don’t want to complicate your life.

Concluding Thoughts~
Above is a conversation between Mr Darcy & Adriana …and right in the middle of their conversation a new character is introduced..
In actuality the Voice of Reason is
Adriana’s better judgement from deep within her, speaking soft tones….

What is it about us that causes us to desire the seemingly unattainable..
We insist on towing the dangerous path brought on by
the innate stubbornness that spurs us to lose every ounce of Sensibility; a hard-headedness that makes one unreasonable..
Only With hindsight do we eventually realise that some of God’s greatest gifts come in form of
“Unanswered Prayers” & in this case Unrequited Love…

Marianne Dashwood & Wiloughby are characters from Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility “”


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