A ~Perfect~Day

It was a beautiful day to lay in bed with a good book, a full bodied glass of wine, Nat king Cole playing in the background and generally just chill!…
Ms Olurotimi. & Ms Tasha had other plans.. C’mon O.S.H they chimed, a trip to the water front, quality food and banter with the girlies never hurt anyone..after all their cajoling I gave in… & it has to be one of the best decisions I ever made..

After a 15min drive we arrived at Raddison Blu, Ms S is there with two male friends of hers, I’m displeased as I’m in no moood for introductory conversations or Men..

Fast ward the introductions, to the menu arriving and everyone had a go at me for studying the menu like I’d write an exam on it.. Normally I’d be shy and what not but today was different….
he broke the ice by offering to pick a drink for me. After going back & forth and not finding anything appealing on the menu,

Why don’t I make you a drink? I like to pride myself in mixology… What do u like?
Mango juice & lime

Right there my favourite drink was born

Mango+Rum+Sprite+a dash of Lime+crushed mint = HSH

Sipping on his brandy dressed in the ever so classic white buba & sokoto and yes he carries it nicely… Imagine the nearest thing to a perfect mannequin
his face reminiscent of Yul Brynner with cigarette in hand..His voice is just the right combination of silky smooth baritone.
He is not the kind of posh that has the line between it and snobbery blurred.
Nor is he afraid to show his indigenous side rather He owns it! Producing the perfect blend that’s original …
But all of this is besides the point for if he didn’t posses any of this,
He would still have awakened a long forgotten part of me ….for the first time in eons all I wanted was to keeping this Conversation going for as long as I could…
Oo to have a more intimate meet with this mind of His.
Here was a debonair man that held his own in what ever topic we chose to delve in.. My interest was totally piqued..
I suppose a beautiful way to carry on telling this story would be to say we exchanged phone numbers and decided to take the trip from
How do you do” To ” I Do
But Alas we live in an imperfect world.. We spoke of remaining friends but neither of us asked the other for their number or last name…
Perhaps you could say we each wanted to preserve this moment un-tarnished forever!

Sometimes once is just enough to change one’s outlook on life forever…
Keep hope alive and every other contrary voice calling for you to settle at bay,
one just has to be patient because that which you desire truly exists..

In the meantime here’s to becoming the best possible You!


3 thoughts on “A ~Perfect~Day

  1. Good read…
    reminds me of something Steve Jobs said “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”
    I look forward to trying this HSH drink for myself…

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