The Needful

The other day Sehindemi & I were talking.
I could tell he was really upset and I knew it had to do with something I said or did that may have been misinterpreted. I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t just say what was on his mind. I confronted him and he didn’t respond & I got mildly irritated and I said you are gonna get a wife one day, You can’t sit in one corner and be brooding you are gonna have to communicate. He said he will wait till she comes along before he learns.
I was stunned!
Yes I’ve read the book “Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus” which alludes to the fact that we are wired differently. Men don’t necessarily like to talk about a problem till they have a solution and women will rather purge till they arrive at a solution but STILL! What ever happened to dialogue??
I told him this, why do u wanna learn on the job???
When you can have your family/friends [people who would still love you even after u make them livid] help you learn and eventually communicating will become second nature..

Afterwards You could say I had an ‘Ah ha moment’
How many of us are ‘waiting till something happens’ before we Man-up and do the needful?
By the way this is not one of those New Year Resolution talks..
I can think of so many things that I have been waiting to accomplish.
Take writing for example, we started this blog to help horn my writing skills and have fun doing it the latent function is to create a readership like Rukky’s Frocks…
Every time the desire to write stirs I stop myself before I even begin telling myself ah without interesting content you don’t have a story O!
Today I remembered a quote from someone and it struck a chord..
“Life is 80percent showing up”
So today here I am reporting for duty flaws & all..
off I go to dust the cobwebs from my “Letters to a young writer” by Teju Cole



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