Fight the Flab!


Today I’m back on my doing the needful tirade. I realize now that the reason we don’t  get results from the things we once were dedicated to is because we stopped before we cultivated The Habit of Consistency.. Eri my best friend told me about a classmate of ours she ran into at Ice Cream Factory and how she had to conceal her surprise!. The  lady in question was a size six  in high school and now she is a size 22.   As a result of this Eri and myself have decided to take a stand and Fight The Flab.  Fighting the flab is essentially a way of ensuring that we do not let ourselves go, as we know only too well how easy it is to get comfortable with flab .  To help us along the way I chatted to Fifi  another friend whose transformation blew me away.. She went from looking like the younger sister of Precious to the twin sister of Eva Longoria..

Fifi’s Secrets!

” The first thing is not to think of your actual weight. Just think about your fitness

The fitter you get, the better you feel, then the slimmer you look

I concentrate on how clothes fit me. I don’t actually weigh myself. I’m probably like below 55 but that’s not important.

Find an exercise activity you enjoy doing,

its important that you stay consistent. Losing weight wouldn’t be instant as this isn’t magic. Its a gradual process.

Watch what  you eat!

Eat Lots of protein, healthy carbs, veggies

Drink water, not soft drinks or juice & little alcohol

Yes you read correctly No Juice!!!!

Juice = sugar and unwanted calories

No caffeine unless you really need it 

Stay far away from fried foods , don’t even touch it with a six foot pole. Grill / bake or boil everything.

I like to look good and feel good so I don’t mind working out and not eating junk food.It all pays off in the end.

I have a flat stomach, a faint 4 pac and tone everywhere. It’s worth it!” 

                                                                                                                                                   Lots of  love


Examples of protein & healthy carbs are chicken, turkey, salmon, fish generally, no red meat  so no beef, oats, potatoes (not chips), I’m not a fan of rice or any type of pasta so I stuck to roast or boiled potatoes.. I’ve been told sweet potatoes are much more filling than their irish counterpart and they also contain healthy nutrients. Your Portion of carbs should not be bigger than your fist.

At the end of the day, It’s all about self-discipline & self-motivation. You have to want it for you. Its the only way you’ll follow through.

In the spirit of doing the needful I have found a blog that can help inspire our exercise sessions take a look here . Rather than snack on the delicious looking  raspberry cookies in my goodie box. I’m opting for watermelon  and pawpaw with a generous squeeze of lemon…

Have a fruitful week,

Mille Bisous



One thought on “Fight the Flab!

  1. hmmmm odikwa no size 22 o… eh.. of which i have just booked a pilates session at the gym for tomorrow night. it is easy to get complacent o… as we are not becoming adults and the metabolism is slowing down – we gats to watch what we eat… hi-an.

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