A c t i n g

Its well over a week since I’ve spoken with you. A few things have happened aside the silent storm raging in my heart ( don’t ask yet as The Storm is Still Raging, funny how lots of unrelated things can happen side by side ). I arrived my destination in the late hours of the evening, welcomed with Olurotimi’s weak response to my greeting. I didn’t know it was this bad. You see, my Olurotimi is as bubbly as champagne, she is never this quiet as she is the life of the party whose warmth & radiance draws everyone in its path like magnet . By morning she became even worse still, prompting us to take action. Fast forward to hours later, a dozen visitors have come and gone and the infusion has been set and is passing its content in a drip-drop-drip-drop manner to its recipient Ms Olurotimi, the only other sound piercing the silence is the fuzzy Yoruba dialogue coming from the nurses station, as they mused about this one patient that has brought the whole world to their seemingly nondescript hospital.. Hospitals aren’t alien to me, I know how most of them function from Africa to Europe even America but that’s story for another day… I prepared my mind to sleep over but the nurses wouldn’t have any of that saying ” please be advised visiting hours officially ends at 10 pm”

Cue in a new day, my knowledge of other hospitals has clouded my better judgement. Did I think I was back at Mayo Clinic? where most of the nurses are so friendly and warm handing out hot blankets even offering coffee as if one was also a patient there .

I got called out by a cousin of mine for not packing adequately & anticipating Olurotimi’s needs, as far I knew these things were provided by the hospital. As much as I was mildly irritated, I grew a pair & swallowed my corrections like a pill and ran with it. Enter Acting-Mummy-Hughes, seeing to it that darling Olurotimi was properly taken care of, learning the art of coaxing an unwilling patient to eat. Even rising early to leave the house before the environmental sanitation started just so she got her food in time… Keeping the communication lines open so all stakeholders are abreast of Olurotimi’s progress. You should hear me. I almost sound as good as them doctors schooling our family members on the multiple infections Olurotimi had ( tonsillitis, chest infection & H.pylori in the stomach) . I assume its good practice for when my kids show up . The thing about this is how you learn to put another person’s needs before yours learning to show genuine concern… Now I look forward to meeting my triplets Arinola, Adunola & Anjola and not putting the cart before the horse , as this is the Month of Love.I look forward to meeting their father, or maybe we’ve met…Je ne sais pas… Coincidentally its also the same month I was conceived [Don’t gimme that look, Its a good nine months between February & October full stop!]

After a week and some at the hospital, a minor medical procedure , 20 injections, 10 infusions, a million tablets, 4dozen bottles of ribena, 12 snails, freshly squeezed watermelon & pineapple juice, a mixture of croissants,chocolate strawberry & cheese cakes,varied selection of biscuits and not forgetting Olurotimi’s favorite “Haribos” . A healthy dose of cajoling and coaxing her to eat some of her dreaded meals Ogi & Oats…

Olurotimi is back home threatening our collective sanity with her desire to quit her day job to study Drama at JULIARD !

Oh & guess what I finally got a copy of a Bereolaesque . Sadly I can’t give u a review yet as I have been so busy with my role as acting-mother I haven’t read past the first few pages.

Here’s to a Healthy Weekend…

Mille Bisous

Olatanwa Seni-Hughes

[ Excited dance people! Sehindemi is finally putting pen to paper…watch out for a Valentine’s post from him ]

Vintage Postcard of an #Egba Mother & her Twin Babies. Photography is by The Panafrican on Instagram.


3 thoughts on “A c t i n g

  1. Good piece Tanwa!
    Mayo Clinic. That citadel of clinical medicine.
    On some days, when the moon is high and the wind is right, I can still hear the rhythmic bleeps of the ventilators and life support machines, humming away in the darkness, assuring us that we still had the promise of one more day. Somehow I found it strangely soothing.
    Good to know Rots is back on her feet. Shhhh. Don’t tell mumz, but I’d be the first up to see Rots at Julliard. Who knows, she might just as well be the principal at the Hughes School of Performing Arts you and I have been dreaming of setting up…

  2. This is such a lovely write up..well done my lovely..so Olurots was that bad eh? Thank God for healing and the love of family and friends. Love you hun.xxx

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