L e a p i n g!

Now in this leap year on this 29th day of February.
albeit a different season , setting & sailor
This Heart has reasons that Reason knows nothing of…
For This Heart has chosen to leap without the safety of an anchor..&
This woman loves the weight of you on her mind..
She wants to peel each layer of your complexity like an onion.
so she can finally see all of you with renewed vision .
She longs to pray with you…
Clown around with you..
Cook with you..
This Heart asks that you walk alongside her till the end of time.
But the Head constantly cautions this Heart.
O Heart where is your anchor???
in response
she reiterates…
This I know for sure
If all else fails…
“We’ll always have Accra

This verse has a soundtrack. Some glitches have prevented me from uploading it.

Can I Walk With You ~ India Arie.


7 thoughts on “L e a p i n g!

  1. WOW – you forgot to conclude with will you marry me!!
    Feb 29th the only time a woman can propose..
    but it is a beautiful piece..
    *Sigh* You will always have Accra
    😉 xxx

  2. Sshhhh!!!! HE reads my words on here… not spelling it out and asking him to marry me is my little attempt on subtlety.
    Everyone should know the folklore attached to the 29th of Feb…..

    “We’ll always have Accra” is derived/borrowed from “We’ll always have Paris” its a famous line from the movie Casablanca have U seen it? its a 1942 American romantic drama. Its a great watch! do take my word for it

  3. Tanwa!

    February was ages ago. And that folklore doesn’t apply to we Scottish -Brazillian Nigerians. (Just the Irish)

    Imma tell IGP, ya heard!

    Sha don’t leap O! Ehen! That canyon has crocs in its shallow river and your chute has been sabotaged.

    Tanwa! This is Delta Oscar Romeo! Its a suicide mission. Do you read me? Abort! Abort! Over?

    1. Mobolaji O!

      I never figured you for a tell-tale….gooooo right ahead mehn..
      Abort ke ?…….Not Blooming Likely…look at it this way
      Omo to ba si pa, ni iya re ma gbe”

  4. Hmmm, Egbon, I don’t totally agree o. Lemme explain…

    You know how guys always ask for hints, even the subtle ones, claiming that they can read them? Well, sometimes they don’t get them, or refuse to… And we all know that girls put more ‘umph’ into these things than guys do, so as naïve and premature as it may seem, a girl could get attached to a guy even before she knows his middle name.

    Yes, we know it’s not right, but that’s the way we’re wired, just like how a guy’s ‘member’ could get excited by big boobs. Guys say that the antidote is to ensure that the boobs are not all up in their faces; in the same vein, a guy who doesn’t want to love or be loved by a particular lady should make sure that he doesn’t string her along make her feel special by calling her sweet names, and claiming that that’s what he calls all his female friends.

    So in my opinion, a girl deserves her freedom from a guy who doesn’t have plans for her. There are ways to find out without embarrassing one’s self.

    Forgive the rant, experience…

    1. Isha!
      Male members and boobs? I wouldn’t know what you’re talking about. I’m an ass man myself and find little or no arousal potential in bosoms, no matter how beautiful. That said, this realisation that bosoms tug at strings in the male nethers has never stopped female folk from flaunting a bit of décolletage.

      Perhaps this need for attention that cleavage bearers seek is the same attention men who are omnipresent in a woman’s life desire as well.
      I’m sure your décolletage beckons all the lads to the yard. (And your derrière too if I’m lucky),

      but do you have intentions for all the myriads of male members you have undeniably excited?

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