I dug this poem up for your reading pleasure & my personal torture, I was at a strange place in my life.. Conflicted aptly describes it. It really is amazing how strong an effect our emotions have on our well being.
Enjoy your reading

Each time I find myself thinking of you,

I end up with a steady throb in my head much like a migraine

but amidst my pain … I’m strangely at peace.

Shouldn’t it be that I erase the thought of you?

Impossible as it seems this is a much welcomed migraine

One that is greatly anticipated,

One from which I derive a certain inexplicable calm,
A height I cannot attain unless I’m in this frame of mind. I’m certain you aren’t any good for me.
Yet I feel like you are as important to me as my left ventricle You are now very much a part of me!
To kill the knowledge of your existence, will be to rip out an essential fibre of my sanity.
To silence the thought of you, is to force an altruistic toddler to speak before he can form the words.
To erase the fact that you ever were is to force a premature baby to live without its incubator.
The thought of you is outrageously soothing.
To put an end to this; is to uproot me from my comfort zone is to make me a Woman when in my minds eye I’m but a Girl!

Copyright ©2009


2 thoughts on “Solace!!

  1. *tears* WOW – This is Beautiful!
    You write so Beautifully. – How come I have never noticed this….

    It is called the Love Ecstasy…. Love is beautiful but Ecstasy is a bad bad bad drug – but put together.. who knows what it would become. Beautiful or Dread?

    1. Almost Two years after. Shy Face.

      I never thanked you for such a generous comment.
      Thanks my darling, I dnt know what has happened to my writing….

      Love Ecstasy … Hmm I Think i’m up for the challenge.
      Lets experiment or NOT!

      Lol. no experiments, not after all the Wisdom we’ve come into…Through the Love of Christ our Friend, Saviour and King.


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