Tu Me Manques Beaucoup!

Every day I miss my father and on Wednesday 25th April 2012  I missed him more than ever. My team Real Madrid played Bayern Munich…   if   you  know me well, then you’ll know that the two men responsible for making football pique my interest are  My father Yinka Babasanya Seni-Hughes [Y. S-H] a dedicated sports man and I dear say one of  the best there ever will be. He was also very passionate.  His  day was never complete without  several mugs of  tea especially green tea.. The other man is Jose Mourinho the best coach in the world.

 My friend Wabi and I decided to watch the Real Madrid match together. We were famished so while we waited for the match to start we chowed down  chicken, rice with a dash of beans and pepper sauce from Chicken Republic. Afterwards It got a bit chilly outside Wabi offered me a cup of  Starbucks Tazo® Green Ginger tea. Its  a dazzling blend of green teas with sweet spicy ginger and a touch of pear essence… I was reluctant at first but I can safely say I’m well on my way to becoming an addict. .

That night my heart broke all over again. Wabi could see I became a little distant but I couldn’t explain the mood I was in..  It was a mixture of brokenness and expectation that my dear Jose will make history and win the champions league with a 3rd team.    

I sat there not being completely there lost in my reverie, I could picture my dad & I watching this epic match together and analysing it. Suggesting things Jose could have done to ensure that they won begging the players not to put to much pressure on themselves but to have fun with it and relax.  I sat there wondering why it taken me this long to get into the nitty gritty and not channel my energy to just one aspect of football but to enjoy it in its entirety..  

I remember my early days after my initiation  into  the world of football, my dad called me to his beside at Royal Marsden Hospital, to show me the Newspaper Headline announcing Jose’s departure from Chelsea, it was a sad day, but he consoled me saying José Mourinho‘s  leaving Chelsea wouldn’t deter his greatness.

The truth is this we never know how blessed we are until we get a chance to view the situation with hindsight. I can proudly say YSH and I had the best of relationships there’s nothing we didn’t talk about. Oh!  for an opportunity to talk to you again,

I’ll tell you IGP isn’t doing badly but she misses the love of her life and her other best friend besides you terribly.

I’ll tell you about my new job, my new boss, the aspirations of my heart, my renewed love for good food learning to make the meals I love.. ,

my new found deeper understanding of God’s Word i.e  “The Birthing Isaac Series” , [ if you are my friend and I haven’t given this series to you, please ask me for it]

We’ll gist about the men who have been/ or are in my life presently.

I’ll ask for your advice on everything….

By the way YSH’jr & MSH are doing fine and they miss you too

Sigh so so much to tell you…

Beneath is a poem my friend Aduke wrote

The rain is heavy and the wind is wild

Rose petals lay across what is left of you

We are wearing your favourite colour green

Everyone is crying

I am counting numbers in my head hoping to wake up from this DREAM

The man that held me as life was given to me

The man that never saw a flaw in me

Constantly cheering me on

My biggest Fan

The man that called me his One & only

The man that comforted me like no other could

That is not the man that lays in the grave

I am counting numbers in my head hoping to wake you from this DREAM

They want me to say something about you

They want me to say Good-bye

The crowd is waiting for me to speak

I cannot find the words,

As my heart breaks all over again

Everyone keeps hugging me and asking me to be strong

No grave deep enough, No coffin strong enough, No reality real enough, No pain extreme enough to make me accept that the one I once held and loved is too far for me to reach.

There is so much left to do papa

Will you not wake up and walk me down the aisle

Will you not dance with me?

Will you not be there when I fall?

Papa will you not wake up and let us play.

Drink green tea, eat our much-loved salad & do all our other favourite things.

Papa don’t just lay there in silence

Papa please wake up and let us play catch up.

No you haven’t left, I tell myself daily.

I will speak of you like you are just on vacation,

A place I have no visa to travel too

I am counting numbers in my head hoping to wake up from this DREAM

Written by Aduke & edited by Olatanwa

October 20, 2010


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