T R A D I T I O N !

LuMi® being  LUMI™_ Lagos

Keresimesi odun de O!!!

I feel like I must apologize for taking a hiatus without a word, I was here all along but the Publish button and I got into a big row. She threaten to expose my deepest secrets.
Do forgive  my seeming  absence..
Thank You to all who have been here through out the year 2012, especially you. Here’s a Toast to a most Splendid 2013!!!! May it be a Beautiful Surprise for you & yours.

Beneath is something I wrote on the 28th of December 2012 but posted privately. Enjoy!

Christmas was the most amazing time of the year for me and I remembered that today while chatting to my “special”  dear friend Tks . We talked about how he instituted a new Christmas Tradition for he and his family, one that  he’d love to sustain in the years to come. Our chat sent me down memory lane… the Christmas traditions of my lovely Grandma Arinola, where all her children and grandchildren would travel to her home in the country to spend Boxing Day.  It usually played out like the American Thanksgiving lunch but with a twist. Each grandchild from youngest to the oldest had to perform a special song or put on a rendition for Maami. I am number three from the rear of twenty-seven grandbabies!  It was a fairly large audience, depending on attendance; we would often number as many as forty. Weeks before I and all my cousins would fritter back and forth, rehearsing, practicing, perfecting.  Weeks of practice however did little to assuage the anxiety. I remember the frenzy and the nerves, even though it was mostly just family, you knew at the back of your mind you didn’t want to give a performance that would leave a bad taste. Then of course there was Mobolaji, crowd favorite and bloody show off with his guitar and silky smooth voice that always wowed!


Another Tradition I fondly remembered was the Tri Family Christmas Recital. You see I played the piano as a child and took lessons at Isha’s house. Throughout the year, our teacher Mr Kosoko, taught the children from the houses of  Seni- Hughes, MaceoOdutola select pieces from the legendary greats, Chopin, Handel, and Strauss. To show our family how much we had learnt and grown. Mr Kosoko instituted the Christmas Recital and here we got together to present piano renditions of our most loved Christmas carols. It was a time to bond over good food sing along to joyous carols and listen to classical piano pieces.

 { probably the most random fact… but Chopin died on the date a Gem would be born! Long after his passing.}

At our home, we have a little Christmas ritual but it’s the one on New Year’s Day that excited me most. As the clocks approached 12, and the new year neared we would share a succinct prayer lead by Y.S.H. after which a bottle of bubbly would be popped devour of fuss and fanfare followed by a simple toast, to life, health and family.  It is this ritual that was handed down to Y.S.H by his own father. If you guessed that I was excited most about the bubbly, then you guessed right!

 [ Veuve Clicquot ~ Courtesy  BN & JA  CoralDrapingswordpress]

As the New Year is almost upon us, I sit here wondering what traditions I will share with my darlings

” Arinola, Adunola ,Anjola & their Father ………, “

Would it  be a mixed pot of my present family traditions (of course with our own personal stamp on it) or would we create something new for ourselves?

In all of this I know I want to show and teach them to be content with a little or a lot, how to abase and abound, how to feast as well as fast! 

Till we chat again



Photography  ~ Lumi Morgan  &  Jide Alakija 


8 thoughts on “T R A D I T I O N !

  1. Oh.. I love family traditions.. at mine, its extended family parties – One for maternal and the other for paternal.

    Am i safe to assume you have named your future three kids already and if so, wow!! LOL..

    Nice post and happy new year O.S.H….xoxox H.A.W

    1. When is the next legendary family do? You guys sure know how to throw it down!
      I Love Love Family Traditions! even though they make me miss my Grandma dearly..
      I got a spring in my step the day she told me I was her favourite and not golden child Mobolaji.

      Yes I already know the names of my triplets,
      I however do not know if they will be all girls/boys or a mixture.
      I look forward to being pleasantly surprised by the humour of The-Ever-Faithful-Potter.

      Happy New Year! Henrietta and thank you for the kind words.
      Mille Bisous

  2. Awwww bless. I’m glad we have beautiful memories to cherish. That alone is a blessing. Lol… You are a Oman of faith sha with this names you’ve picked out already.

    Please don’t be gone for long this time and I’d love to know those secrets that the publish button was threatening to spill 🙂

    Big kiss hunnie

    1. Mztizzle!

      Oman of faith sha… LOL, Its the effect “Birthing Isaac” has on me,
      it a series that teaches about the Father of faith himself Abraham.
      Like his wife Sarah I’m judging God faithful & believing he will deliver on all the promises he has made.

      As for the secrets… someday soooon I’ll tell you. thanks for stopping by love.


    1. Omobolaji

      Olurotimi can testify, you are definitely a show off.
      I must clarify! Its not show off in a “I’m better than you manner”,
      more like the “I cant help that God has blessed me with amazing talents, I must let them shine .”

  3. I love family traditions – there is just something about it that is beautiful and warm and familiar…. *sigh* I can’t wait to start ours too.. for some reason, i always feel like you can’t really start tradition without kids! lol don’t aks me why.

    as for your kids* names… i love them.. they are beautiful!!! Just hope their dad likes them too..

    1. I have to ask why you think so? I feel like its the little things, what did you guys do two years ago ?
      if my memory isn’t too fuzzy just before Christmas in 2011 you went on a boat cruise and had a 7 course dinner. This can become a yearly event [ Christmas Tradition].

      Hehehe, thank you for the kind words, valid point you raised there, I’m sure He & I will find the balance when the time comes.

      Enjoy your weekend Mrs Angel Mwah!

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