Two of a kind!

Can you believe its been two years already??

How time flies.. I remember how it all began,  TC posted a poem of mine  on her facebook page and it generated a lot of feedback . I’m guessing this was because it struk a cord with some of them. Enter Olarenwaju one of my voices of reason [my nickname for my closest allies] Olatanwa!, why don’t you start a blog ? you can publish all your thoughts and it can morph into something extraodinary. She wanted me to start right away but I wasn’t ready. As months went by she would gently remind me to explore my potential.

After two years a push came in the most unlikely form, one of my mentors H.P.A needed a young lady with a flair for fashion who would manage her website. I was head-hunted for this role. We did an interview of sorts over the phone which led to test runs  etc .  One day while brainstorming with her I decided to leap and start my own blog and viola!

  “Coral & Caramel Drapings”  was born. The seed Olarenwaju planted finally germinated.

Many waters have passed under the bridge and I am grateful for all that have stopped by: visible and stealth alike, those I have met along this journey, the lessons I’m learning and the moulding from my Ever-Faithful-Potter.

To Our Contributing Writers “Sehindemi‘ & ‘Isha’, Ese Pupo, Nagode, Thank you, Thank You!

For us and some of you, I know  Twenty Twelve was one that brought a lot of newness: experiencing new things, finding new levels of insight and strength, the list is endless.

I am excited about twenty thirteen.

I am certain it will bring with it Growth on all frontiers,

for we cannot bask in this newness forever.

We cannot stay on this shore and rest on our anchor.

We have to launch out into the deep away from our safe harbour…

We must leap!


2 thoughts on “THE BIG TWO

  1. Happy Birthday to US! Olanrewaju inspired you and you inspired me to start mine too and even came up with the name for me.. LOL.

    How time flies! SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why didn’t you give me a ‘shalla’ too!

    Love you!

    1. Henrietta Darling,
      Happy Birthday to Us. we’ve come along way from our GoogleBuzz days.
      Glad to know I have at least inspired one person in my lifetime.
      Please educate a sister what is “shalla” I’ve been seeing this word every where.
      A toast to many more fruitful years!
      Mille Bisous!

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