The Twelve … XII

I started writing this some time last year but being the chief procrastinator that I often am, I left finishing it off till later. I have always known and said that the Glory is in the finish as there is no prize for starting anything under the sun. These words I had spoken came back to me and I realised that there are various things I set in motion but somehow filed for later. Here I am showing up flaws & all, although I constantly strive for perfection I am far from perfect.

What random facts shall I share with you today…?

One of the most consistent things in my life is story telling. Right from the time I could string words together I’ve told stories from my point of view. In primary school when the class teacher decided her students deserved a break I was often picked to tell my stories. The one thing that has stayed with me from then to now is my penchant for details! I still haven’t mastered the art of not giving all the details in my kitty away. I guess it is borne out of my desire for perfection as well as to present all the facts possible, so my reader/listener is able to arrive at an uncluttered/un-tarnished deduction.


Mille Bisous!


Hiiiiii there,

Hope you’ve had an amazing holiday as well as time to reflect on the true reason for the season. I have stood silently watching you all come and go…  from Belgium, United Kingdom, Russia, and Canada & all over the world. It’s pretty humbling, to think that someone in as far-flung a place as Uzbekistan finds what I have to say important enough to stop by for a cursory glance or even a leisurely read.  Thank you for stopping by my little playground. Today I choose to break the silence. I didn’t mean to disappear, in fact I wrote several things that I wanted to develop/share with you but the publish button had eluded me… until now

As someone who hasn’t won anything, it was quite interesting to see the tide change as I had been nominated for the ‘most versatile blog’ award by my dear friend Tizzle who doubles as a rose in my hair as well as a thorn in my flesh. Thanks a lot Ms T.  Muchos gratias. Love always

I. Mi on saba ta tete (I don’t usually play the lottery or gamble ) but I took a chance on The Third world Profasional’s bog and won this stunning O’eclat Designs Amber Box bag Ecstatic doesn’t begin to describe my feelings.  Thanks again to the lovely people at TWP & O’eclat youguysrock!!!!!!!!!!!

TWP & Oéclat

The rules of the versatile blog award state that I share 7 random things, however I have chosen to up the ante by rounding it off to twelve seen as we are rounding off the twelfth month of 2012.In March 2011, I wrote a post that has been crowned my readers favourite ‘random facts about Olatanwa’ you can read it here Twelve  is somewhat a continuation.

II.Recently I took a pretty bold slash unexpected step!  Somehow its ripple effect can still be felt today.

Speaking of steps, in my Fight against the Flab, I am beginning to embrace Exercise. However the only form of exercise I do is ‘taking the Stairs’. No elevators. I find that it’s the best way to get my Heart racing free of attachment, strings or baggage. I’m taking my own advice and Fighting the Flab!

III. Another demon I’m fighting daily is Mild Dyslexia, a few symptoms I have noticed are evident in  my writing which often show repetition, additions, transpositions, omissions, substitutions, and reversals in letters, numbers and/or words. I have problems pronouncing “TH” words.    I can sometimes be a lot like Miss Malaprop from The Rivals a play by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. You don’t often see this in my writing because you see the finished product. I can be ambidextrous, and often confuse left/right, over/under, North, South, East, and West.

IV.  Of life’s smallest edible packages these are a few of my favourites Agbalumo, Pomegranates and Small Chops (finger foods), however you’ll break one of my cardinal rules if Mosa is missing!! After tweaking the recipe for Mosa I got from Afrolems!. I can proudly say I make the meanest Mosa with the best Pepper & Garlic dip

  1. Coral Drapings Collage

V. I have long admired Alfred Hitchcock Producer/ director ‘extraordinaire’, seeing as I’m well on my way to becoming a Hitchcock Aficionado, watching Shadow of doubt recently was an enjoyable experience. Hitchcock mastered the art of invoking feelings in his audience without the characters saying too much and leading the viewers on. Another person whose work I admire is Uncle Tunde Kelani of Mainframe productions. The best Yoruba movies I have seen are Saworinde & Agogo Ewo both masterfully produced by Mainframe.

 VI. You may or may not already know this but I’m an Incurable Romantic. Nope! Not a hopeless one, hopeless and incurable are not to be interchanged. Recently I have not been a 100% me. I took my mind off me and discovered that my friend Henrietta was crushing on my other friend L. So I got a bright idea  why not live vicariously through these two?  I set to work watering the ground. I had so much fun. I built it up to be a hangout, not a romantic date as those can potentially restrict or create lofty expectations.

Would you like to get Ice cream??
What if I can only come virtually.
I’ll foot the bill.
There’ll be three of us.
what do you think?
Read more about the hang out here.


VII, VIII, IX.    Lagos/ Surprises/ Love and White… Lagos is one of my favourite places in the world and I’ve been longing for her, maybe being away from her for so long has something to do with me not feeling 100%. One of my friends TA, who knows I love surprises came over bearing treats from Lagos!

An overused phrase in the world right now is “Love at first sight”. Love has never happened for me at first sight. Intrigue maybe, but love? Naa!  For me, it always is Intrigue at first sight, and my dear reader, Love DOES NOT equal Intrigue. Intrigue blossoms from piqued interests, many of which have been left out to starve right after they were born. You see, there are those you choose to fight for, others you let die a natural death, and others still, that for the sake of personal sanity, must be killed. I happened upon a word I’d never seen before and it partly describes what I feel.  Sapiosexual, according to Collins Dictionary it is someone who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature; behaviour  of  becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use. This is evident in The Perfect Day.

White is one of my favourite colours! It’s a blank canvass and can help bring out my artistic side. White is chic, However not everyone can pull it off. I do a mean white ensemble Ask about me!

X.    I cannot understand the obsession/fixation with getting married or trying to marry everyone off.
The other day I walked into the [Director] Oga’s office to update him on some work related stuff and the following ensued:
Oga : Osh, When are you getting married? (This & Oko’nko?  have to be the most asked question of the year.)
O.S-H: Sir, the gentleman is in traffic, when he gets in we’ll decide.

Oga: I can offer special prayers for you to speed his arrival up if you like.

O.S-H: That’s really nice of you. Thank you Sir.

Oga: You’d have to pay.

O.S-H: I’m afraid I can’t afford you.

Oga: It’s not money,  you’ll have to bring some things

O.S-H: blank stare….

*Awkward Silence*

O.S-H: Okay, Thank you sir.

 Finds the door and uses it, as quick as her legs can carry her. Whilst remaining calm.

 My answer “He is in Traffic”, aptly describes it, think Lagos traffic. The beauty of traffic is it always clears up in the end. NO matter how long it takes you will not remain on the same spot forever.

For me “Traffic” is a matter of choice:

i. You can decide to change your destination: .I no fit O! Hian, This traffic na die!

Wait, wait what am I looking for in Lekki again? Coral sells the besttttttest coffee.
Omo I fit manage the one weydey Parkview, I no go die if I no drink am (but you know in your heart it’s not nearly as awesome as Coral’s coffee) well its back to Ikoyi for me.

ii. Take a detour/ alternative route to arrive at the same place.

iii. Go through the process and learn a thing or two about life along the way.

XI.   For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved Rings. As a primary school girl, having grown up catholic, I looked forward to Mass as this was my only opportunity to buy an affordable ring. For the last 20 months I have worn on my right hand a ring that once belonged to Oyins, My Ange Gardien


XIIMy favourite scripture was Psalms 118; 17. “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.”

It is now Habakkuk 2:3. Which I believe is self-explanatory

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come,
It will not tarry.”



6 thoughts on “The Twelve … XII

  1. This is impressive. I love that line…. “glory is in the finish” line. Thanks for the kind words on the demise of my father. I shall be following your blog often now. I’m a fan already. 🙂

  2. Lol @ special prayers.
    Lol that agbalumo is reminding me of our agbalumo chopping in Mstizzle’s car! *sigh* I miss those things!
    Actually.. now I can’t even remember if you had any! lol

    1. Mrs Angel,

      I had to literately hold still to keep my self from bursting out in laughter.
      “Special Prayers” in this day & age uttered by a world class director… who knew such ideologies can exist side by side.

      Nah I didn’t get to have any 😦 they finished before I got to the car…

      I wish you’d come over more often.It was lovely to play catch up.

      Millie Bisous

  3. Awww Olatanwa… the miss incurable romantic!!!!

    Funny enough I thought I had made a comment already but apparently it was just in my head.
    Thank you again as I and L are really good friends now and we are both weird and kinda like the same kinda stuff ^_^.

    1. Henrietta!

      I love that you have learnt to call my full name and no longer shorten it..
      the mind always playing tricks on us unsuspecting fellows…

      I’m so happy for you guys. May your friendship grow in leaps & bounds..

      Thanks for the shout out on social media.

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