Dumb Prayers (8/2/13)

Responses to Epoque 17-09-2015 17-49-15

My thoughts have never been more succintly captured.

Here’s a comment I left on one of my posts called


in response to Angel’s Beauty’s comment.

I think of King Hezekiah who was told by Isaiah, he was going to die and when he heard, he prayed and wept bitterly and God heard and added 15years unto his life. It is believed that those extra years did more harm than good in the bigger picture.

I need to stop over analysing and just remember that all our times and seasons are in God’s hands.
I pray his Will and Purpose is done in all our lives.


How interesting that I would find a post many years after that shares my exact thoughts.

Please be careful what you pray for because you just might get it and much more…

Be lead by T H E    H O L Y  S P I R I T 

xo xo

“No matter what I’m asking for, God give me more of You. If I am asking for riches, give me an abundance of grace. If I’m asking for security, shelter me under Your wing. If I’m asking for companionship, be near me. God, most of my prayers are dumb. I don’t mean them to be, I just don’t have Your greater knowledge. Please don’t answer them unless it is in a way that will draw me, and others, closer to You.”


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