You’ve reached  Coral & Caramel Drapings…!

Welcome to a glimpse into our “Play-ground”:

I’d love to tell the story behind the name of this blog, but that will be giving away  too much, too early… However I’ll tell you this; The name “Coral & Caramel” suggests a “Duo of Sorts”  or   “Two Sides of a Drape”…… I’m Olatanwa Seni~Hughes,

Myself and contributing writers  Sehindemi & Isha will be writing on all things that intrigue us….

These Short Phases Describe ‘Olatanwa’ in part:

“Work-in-progress…” walking talking contradiction…sweet & sour rolled in one”

“The real deal masquerading as a fake…”  “Lover of all things aesthetically pleasing….”

“dictator of  my style”… Budding: Writer//Journalist//Strategic Communicator//Chef.



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