Love Is…

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Browsing the web being a blog whore (lol) and saw this on quickmeme.. Quite apt. I can relate to this totally but on the bright side, it only gets better but when your heart is broken and you get told ‘it will get better’, it sounds like nonsense……

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“Mo Ni Fe Re”

‘Happy Valentine’s Day!!! My Good people! and Happy New year to you too, I hope your year is up to a beautiful start.  I  certainly have perfected the art of retreating into my shell and not sharing my many thoughts with you. I’m hoping that this year will be different and I will no longer […]

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Six Reasons I’m Single!

1.  I live far away: From the cool areas where the upwardly mobile single guys are located. You know how it is when a guy loves you ridiculously, he would be ready to brave the okada menace and fight for petrol just so he can drive to your hood to see you? Yeah, that excitement […]

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The Needful Revisited…

It seems like Sameerah has caught “the needful” bug too.. yesterday she sent me a bb message with a link saying here’s an article worth reading. Me being me always looking to get my interest piqued I clicked on the link but it didn’t open.                       […]

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Fight the Flab!

Hi!!!! Today I’m back on my doing the needful tirade. I realize now that the reason we don’t  get results from the things we once were dedicated to is because we stopped before we cultivated The Habit of Consistency.. Eri my best friend told me about a classmate of ours she ran into at Ice Cream Factory and […]

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The Needful

The other day Sehindemi & I were talking. I could tell he was really upset and I knew it had to do with something I said or did that may have been misinterpreted. I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t just say what was on his mind. I confronted him and he didn’t respond & I […]

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