Today, some 50 odd years ago, a great man was shot dead.  Another great man & prolific writer died. As a Kennedy and an almost C.S Lewis  aficionado, I join the rest of the world as we remember two greats JFK and C.S Lewis. Since I last wrote, it seems the thought of death hasn’t been far […]

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Colliding Cores!!!

I feel his core close to mine The layers of fabric do nothing to stop the pulsation My body screams, “OH! It’s been so long” My spirit says, “NO! You have to stay strong” My heart is silent, confused about what it feels My head is certain this is going no place but downhill My […]

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The Twelve … XII

I started writing this some time last year but being the chief procrastinator that I often am, I left finishing it off till later. I have always known and said that the Glory is in the finish as there is no prize for starting anything under the sun. These words I had spoken came back […]

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The Journey of Love

The season of Love is winding down & I hope your appetite for all things Love is not weaning . I happened on this blog  MyHandisMine   &  found a beautiful story. I especially  like the way this story reads and I believe you will enjoy reading it too. On Valentine’s day my friend sent me this very interesting […]

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PanCake Tuesday!

Which type of Pancake came to mind as you read the heading? Nah! it’s not the  pancake synonymous with women’s faces, even though it’s no secret that the Nigerian women folk  are overjoyed with the recent launch of the M.A.C. store in Lagos. Many of their pancake needs will be met, reducing by half the time […]

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I’ll tell you an open secret I love “LOVE”  because It’s such a beautiful thing and what better time than the Month of Love to spread “LOVE”. Valentine’s day last year Sehindemi shared his view on LOVE in the post  Y e l l o w~ M o o N  and I wrote L e a p i n g!  and […]

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