The Way of the Heart

A few months ago I talked about posting the workings of a particular heart, beneath is  something just as good and possibly even better than what I started writting last year. Enjoy The Way Of  The Heart by Sehindemi my long lost friend, if you are a regular on here, you might remember him from […]

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Love Is…

Originally posted on Henrietta's Musing's:
Browsing the web being a blog whore (lol) and saw this on quickmeme.. Quite apt. I can relate to this totally but on the bright side, it only gets better but when your heart is broken and you get told ‘it will get better’, it sounds like nonsense……

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“Mo Ni Fe Re”

‘Happy Valentine’s Day!!! My Good people! and Happy New year to you too, I hope your year is up to a beautiful start.  I  certainly have perfected the art of retreating into my shell and not sharing my many thoughts with you. I’m hoping that this year will be different and I will no longer […]

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L e a p i n g!

Now in this leap year on this 29th day of February. albeit a different season , setting & sailor This Heart has reasons that Reason knows nothing of… For This Heart has chosen to leap without the safety of an anchor..& This woman loves the weight of you on her mind.. She wants to peel […]

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