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“Mo Ni Fe Re”

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‘Happy Valentine’s Day!!! My Good people! and Happy New year to you too, I hope your year is up to a beautiful start.

 I  certainly have perfected the art of retreating into my shell and not sharing my many thoughts with you.

I’m hoping that this year will be different and I will no longer wear my “introvertedness” as a quilt. 

I do have one story I’ll share with you before the first quarter is over.Its a story about a Heart I know or at least I think know.

The best way to summarise it would be to say something along the lines of ” The Fine Art of Leaping ” Or This Heart Leaped! ” I haven’t decided which accurately describes it. I’m still tinkering with the idea of making it a two or three-part post.

Now that’s’ out of the way, I read  the Sonnet below  earlier on today and I believe it will be unkind of me, if I fail to share it with you. It made me smile, and giggle.  Yes I am a softie and I absolutely Love LOVE!!!


Before you start reading Chiedu’s Sonnet, I just have to say I have a thing for  Love expressed in its pure and most  indigenous form. Think of the words from Tosin Martin’s “Olo Mi ” ,  Dipo’s  “Be Your Man”  or Asa’s  “Bamidele”, I’ve always believed that expressing emotions indigenously  (especially Yoruba)  carries more weight.  I also have a thing for Pomegranates, I don’t know what it with this fruit but it makes me happy…ok bye.


 “Mo Ni Fe Re”   Words by Chiedu Ifeozo

The phone rings and its you

My heart sings, this is true

But I act like it doesn’t mean a thing

Like your voice isn’t my medicine

E karo

 I can’t wait to see your face

And feel the lines on your palm

Kiss your smile

Chill for a while


Mo ni fe re

Words simply cant explain

You get me, such beauty in simplicity

You hold me up, when I’m uncertain

You’re there, no matter how far away


Jo soro die die


I want to savor every second

The weight of every word

The depth of every emotion

This feeling,


Don’t go away again,

please wait,

I hate missing you this way

I keep counting down the days


Mo wa nibi yi

O wa ni be

I wake up to your call

I only wish you were here

But your voice rescues me

And I know it’ll be a good day


O se


Even when I make mistakes

You see the sun behind the eclipse

And for that I’ll always be thankful

Your love for me is beautiful


O dara pupo

What’s cool is even with everything

The one thing I cant live without is you

Everyday you make me feel like a winner

Its clear, you only make me better


Oluwa ti fun mi layo, Ayo mi tun de

Everyday I thank God I found you


Ma ri e laipe

Mo ni fe re

Love, according to a Yoruba proverb…

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 the one thing that’s invisible on the cups in the picture is the inscription

“Why can’t you see it”

I was doing jovial ‘ofofo’ (a.k.a amebo, tatafo, aproko) with my bosses sometime last week, when one of them said the following proverb:

“Eni ti won ba n mu’yawo wa ba o ki n na ga”.

It wasn’t until a few days after that I realized that somehow, God has made him say that proverb for my benefit.

Literally, it means – “The person for whom a wife is being brought doesn’t stretch his neck [anxiously looking to see when she arrives]”. And the ‘deep’ meaning is that Patience is a Virtue.

Let me explain why this is important. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of emotional energy on a certain fellow who ‘fits me perfectly’ (in my own eyes). I haven’t fallen in love with him, since love is a decisive choice; but I know I won’t have a problem with that if it came to it. So, being the go-getter that I am, I’d been dropping all the subtle hints and basically letting him know I was ‘feeling his Persona ‘ without really saying it. The guy has been playing hard to get sha. He’d do all these pretty nice things for/to me, and then switch to stonecold mode like nothing dey dia. Then, he’d decide not to even talk to me at all. A girl can take a hint now – ‘He’s Just Not That Into Me’.

So, I’d been sulking about his fronting for a bit, then I appropriated my oga’s proverb and felt a lot better. They say ‘if you love sometimes you have to let go, but if it comes back then it means so much more’. Love is a pretty strong word to use for now, but you get my drift sha.

Anywho, the moral lesson of my gist is that I know for sure that my husband go come, that God is gonna come and give him to me. So, I don’t need to be stretching neck. Shikena. I’ll just keeping working to make myself a Proverbs 31 woman.

Happy Holidays y’all. (Did another 10km today. I’m on fire! Lol). Have a blessed weekend!

UPDATE: January 11, 2013 at 10:41 am

O.S-Hughes : I just reread this post by Isha and two things come to mind.

Everything Good Will Come by Sefi Atta.

My favourite scripture, which I believe is self explanatory Habakkuk 2:3.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come,
It will not tarry.

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