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“Mo Ni Fe Re”

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‘Happy Valentine’s Day!!! My Good people! and Happy New year to you too, I hope your year is up to a beautiful start.

 I  certainly have perfected the art of retreating into my shell and not sharing my many thoughts with you.

I’m hoping that this year will be different and I will no longer wear my “introvertedness” as a quilt. 

I do have one story I’ll share with you before the first quarter is over.Its a story about a Heart I know or at least I think know.

The best way to summarise it would be to say something along the lines of ” The Fine Art of Leaping ” Or This Heart Leaped! ” I haven’t decided which accurately describes it. I’m still tinkering with the idea of making it a two or three-part post.

Now that’s’ out of the way, I read  the Sonnet below  earlier on today and I believe it will be unkind of me, if I fail to share it with you. It made me smile, and giggle.  Yes I am a softie and I absolutely Love LOVE!!!


Before you start reading Chiedu’s Sonnet, I just have to say I have a thing for  Love expressed in its pure and most  indigenous form. Think of the words from Tosin Martin’s “Olo Mi ” ,  Dipo’s  “Be Your Man”  or Asa’s  “Bamidele”, I’ve always believed that expressing emotions indigenously  (especially Yoruba)  carries more weight.  I also have a thing for Pomegranates, I don’t know what it with this fruit but it makes me happy…ok bye.


 “Mo Ni Fe Re”   Words by Chiedu Ifeozo

The phone rings and its you

My heart sings, this is true

But I act like it doesn’t mean a thing

Like your voice isn’t my medicine

E karo

 I can’t wait to see your face

And feel the lines on your palm

Kiss your smile

Chill for a while


Mo ni fe re

Words simply cant explain

You get me, such beauty in simplicity

You hold me up, when I’m uncertain

You’re there, no matter how far away


Jo soro die die


I want to savor every second

The weight of every word

The depth of every emotion

This feeling,


Don’t go away again,

please wait,

I hate missing you this way

I keep counting down the days


Mo wa nibi yi

O wa ni be

I wake up to your call

I only wish you were here

But your voice rescues me

And I know it’ll be a good day


O se


Even when I make mistakes

You see the sun behind the eclipse

And for that I’ll always be thankful

Your love for me is beautiful


O dara pupo

What’s cool is even with everything

The one thing I cant live without is you

Everyday you make me feel like a winner

Its clear, you only make me better


Oluwa ti fun mi layo, Ayo mi tun de

Everyday I thank God I found you


Ma ri e laipe

Mo ni fe re

The Journey of Love

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The season of Love is winding down & I hope your appetite for all things Love is not weaning . I happened on this blog  MyHandisMine   &  found a beautiful story. I especially  like the way this story reads and I believe you will enjoy reading it too.

On Valentine’s day my friend sent me this very interesting link that put things into  perspective. It is a teaching  by Atinuke Asegieme called

The Journey of Love   ( click to download)


Becoming Her by Nse Ikpe-Etim

I had been immunized against the bug and this is received through all the amazing lessons life hands you on a platter.  I had a boyfriend when it was a taboo to have one. I was 17. Our first meeting was as ordinary as it gets. I went on a stroll which was not uncommon those days on our estate, and there came this young man driving his father’s car. He stopped, chatted with me for a while and I wonder what he said that made me get into his car and have him drop me off. He called the intercom and we talked again but he knew the times to call when mum would not do the picking. Little did I know that the day he picked me up was the day I would begin the journey. We spent our spare moments together, talking, walking and when we walked the streets, word travelled swiftly to our parents. On my arrival home, a cane was the welcome party. We always paid dearly for those nights because our parents wanted us to be straight kids, but we didn’t mind.
This did not deter me nor stop my stubborn heart from wanting to be with him. I had a friend who listened to my fears and laughed at my tales of the experiences school had brought with it, alongside the education I so craved. I remember when he played the guitar and sang Chris de burgh’s “Lady in Red”. It was so beautiful; the funny thing is that I was not wearing red when he sang, but in that moment red was just a state of mind. I was fragile and he was so caring, attentive to my every need. We would meet up at 7.30pm under the stairs and talk till it was almost 10pm. Then he would tell me it was time to go. I would sulk, make faces till I cried and he would be forced to stay at least a second more. Well that was until mum called out my name and I would run inside, pretending the trash was my mission. He would run back home and sometimes, the doors would be locked and he would have to call for someone to open the door. He was the best friend I’d never had.
After dad’s passing, I craved the father-daughter relationship so much that I looked at him in that light. I had found my first true love. He took me on many firsts; squash, scrabble games, drives, music. And the day that Tunisia and Nigeria played a match at the stadium in Surulere, he asked me out on a date. It was our first official date (who takes a girl out to a football match on a first date?) We went out to watch the Eagles play and I was blown away. We won the match and he had won my heart. Our friends marveled at the way our love grew and we became the bad examples of what not to be. When we walked, mothers would point at us and say “that’s what you should never be” hahahaha… We were good friends, and much more. I had only learnt to cook at 15 and dad passed before I succeeded in making Egusi soup edible. My best friend was a willing guinea pig, tasting any and every meal I cooked. Watching him enjoy my cooking was therapeutic, considering the effort it took dad to eat the morsels of pounded yam and my rather shoddy Egusi soup.
I began to hope that one day I would bear his kids. At 17 though, kids and their thoughts! The semester had resumed and we both went back to our different schools, no emails, no cell phones, no blackberries or WhatsApp. The post office was rather cumbersome. All we had were our hearts and our thoughts. It turns out that was all the connection we needed. When the holidays came around I looked forward to seeing him, and then he told me he was leaving the country. My heart broke and tears poured freely down my face, I begged him to stay but he told me he had to go. I accepted this with a heavy heart and hoped that one day I would find a friend like him. When we got to the airport, I bade him farewell, he turned and said “I will come back, Nse”. I cried my heart out and went back to school the next day. I had lost the only friend who never judged me, who sang to me, and told me I was beautiful.

The years went by and one day I ran into his mum and got his number off her. We started talking again but I decided to let him go. I dated other men, became a woman and swore never to marry. I knew it wasn’t meant for me because after what I saw my parents have, mine had to be just like theirs or better!
I had finally become a woman, set in her ways but something was missing. So again I set out to look for him. I searched every social network to no avail and one day I used a search engine and there he was staring back at me. I sent him an email and he responded. We were ecstatic. At least I was, I had found the only man who knew the right things to say to make me happy. Then he proposed. I was over the moon. I accepted and told mum. My family was happy because they knew our history and just when I was getting ready to be Mrs……. He broke it off! I cried again, third time is a charm yea? He wasn’t supposed to make my mascara run he was meant to smear my lipstick!
I had been heartbroken yet again but this time it was done by him not a circumstance. I hated him, I loathed him and I rued the day I first set my eyes on him! He had changed me and now no man meant anything to me. I just dated and if it was inconvenient, I walked away. My famous quote “I was not born to be married” raised dust in some quarters, but no one cared to know why! Why get married to someone who would cheat on you or better still whom I would cheat on? Why get married to someone who would make me a shadow of myself or perhaps, have me give up my career for him? Yes, again I say, I was not born to be married. I got an email from him after so many years and I hated his guts. I alternated between ignoring him and giving frosty replies. He had my sister play mediator and that earned him a fairly warm reply. Well at least he was honest to walk away when he did rather than walk all over me in the marriage.
As the days went by, we spoke about so many things, emotions got in the way and he blurted it “I would love to spend the rest of my life with my sweetheart” and I asked him “have you told her?”. He said he had been trying but she seemed distant (abi you for no pretend say you no sabi say na you) oh well. I wanted him to say the words. And he did! “Will you marry me?” My heart skipped a beat and I said “listen yeah, you just have to give me some time to think this through” I knew my answer would be yes, but how was I to tell him I never got over him? Would I be perceived as weak, needy or just a desperate woman? It had taken us two decades to get to this point and what a road we had come. This is my heart, my happiness my true love had come back to me. Who cares what anyone thinks!
… So I got on the phone, called my friend and asked her to send him a card, flowers and a bottle of wine with my reply… “Yes I will marry you, my one true Love” Well I think that’s what I sent, but to be honest I was quite giddy. The long and short of it is that I said yes and my life has never been the same!

  On Valentine’s day, Nse Finally Became Her!  (click for details) & read more from Nse Ikpe-Etim here MyHandisMine

Photo Credit Bella Naija

PanCake Tuesday!

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Which type of Pancake came to mind as you read the heading?

Nah! it’s not the  pancake synonymous with women’s faces, even though it’s no secret that the Nigerian women folk  are overjoyed with the recent launch of the M.A.C. store in Lagos. Many of their pancake needs will be met, reducing by half the time spent cajoling ‘returnees’ to buy pancake from duty-free stores for them.

Today is Pancake Tuesday otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, it is the day preceding ‘Ash Wednesday’. Yesterday I had today all planned out; I sat at my desk scanning the Nigerian News sites and the twitter account of the special assistant to Mr. President on new media Reno Omokri, waiting eagerly to hear that Mr Jonathan had declared Tuesday, 12 Th of February 2013 ‘The official Super Eagles day’, a day when all Nigerians will celebrate the Super Eagles & Coach Keshi for breaking our nineteen year siege. On this day I would wake up late and blame it on my clock saying it somehow reverted to another time zone. Take my time in getting out of bed, Then set out preparations to host virtually, my dear friend Tracy with whom I share  a two-year old Pancake day Tradition. Each year we alternate who makes the pancakes sadly this year we aren’t in the same state.

Enough of the sadness and  back to yesterday’s reverie, after creating my signature savoury pancakes, I’ll enjoy them with a double mocha latte + a healthy sprinkling  of Choco and back episodes of MadMen. Whilst pondering on the perfect timing of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation ( never mind that this hasn’t happened in six centuries) and what appears to be its domino effect, hours after this announcement was made the basilica of St. Peter’s dome was struck by a bolt of lightning.


If you are interested in my pancake recipe, I am more than happy to share, do leave a comment in the box below.

Seen as today is not a public holiday and my reverie did not come to fruition, I am at my desk stealing glances at the last batch of Pancakes I made. After which I would go to Afrolems! & check out what the twelfth shade will be, at the beginning of February, Afrolems started “Fourteen Shades of Valentines Cooking by Afrolems”.

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us guys and the temptation to spoil ourselves rotten by eating a lot is real, I however urge us to do all things in moderation and make a conscious effort to Fight the Flab!.

Enjoy your day,

Millie Bisous,

Olatanwa !


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I’ll tell you an open secret I love “LOVE”  because It’s such a beautiful thing and what better time than the Month of Love to spread LOVE”.

Valentine’s day last year Sehindemi shared his view on LOVE in the post    and I wrote   and it caused a bit of a stir.

I do not believe Valentines day should be limited to Lovers alone. The entire month and indeed every day of our lives should be seen as an opportunity to express our love for others.

Love Thy Neighbour as Yourself “ in keeping with this ethos through out this month we will be sharing our fabulous finds on all things that encompass our interpretation of  L O V E!

First up is Guzzles Cakes & Confectioneries!

They are located in Lagos Nigeria and their desire is to carter to all your pastry needs from wedding cakes,  to gourmet biscuits for your nephew’s open day or themed cupcakes for your husband’s school reunion at your home or your sister’s bridal shower. Any thing you need!

Over the holidays I experienced their Cheese Cake and their Red Velvet with Cheese frosting [ you don’t  simply eat their treats you experience it with all your senses] and I am bewitched!   I’m a certified foodie as some of you may already know and I only rave about  exceptional things.  Don’t believe me?  Take a chance and  treat yourself & your loved ones to any of their decadent delights this Valentine. For all of our international readers with loved ones in Nigeria here’s a chance to surprise them.

Guzzles Cakes & Confectionery!  www.facebook/  +234: 08087642869   08023212759

Guzzles Cakes 4

Let us know what you think.

Millie Bisous.


A c t i n g

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Its well over a week since I’ve spoken with you. A few things have happened aside the silent storm raging in my heart ( don’t ask yet as The Storm is Still Raging, funny how lots of unrelated things can happen side by side ). I arrived my destination in the late hours of the evening, welcomed with Olurotimi’s weak response to my greeting.   I didn’t know it was this bad. You see, my Olurotimi is as bubbly  as champagne, she is never this quiet as she is the life of the party whose warmth & radiance draws everyone in its path like magnet . By morning she became even worse still, prompting us to take action. Fast forward to hours later, a dozen visitors have come and gone and  the infusion has been set and is passing its content in a drip-drop-drip-drop manner to its recipient Ms Olurotimi,  the only  other sound piercing the silence  is the  fuzzy Yoruba dialogue  coming from the nurses station, as they mused about this one patient that has brought the whole world to their seemingly nondescript hospital.. Hospitals aren’t alien to me, I know how most of them function  from Africa to Europe even America but that’s story for another day… I prepared  my mind to sleep over but the nurses wouldn’t have any of that saying ” please  be  advised visiting hours officially ends at 10 pm”

Cue in a new day, my knowledge of other hospitals has clouded my better judgement. Did I think I was back at Mayo Clinic? where most of the nurses are so friendly and warm handing out hot blankets even offering coffee  as if one was also a patient there .

I got called out by a cousin of mine for not packing adequately & anticipating Olurotimi’s needs, as far I knew these things were provided by the hospital. As much as I was mildly irritated, I grew a pair & swallowed my corrections like a pill and ran with it. Enter Acting-Mummy-Hughes, seeing to it that darling Olurotimi was properly taken care of, learning the art of coaxing an unwilling patient to eat. Even rising early to leave the house  before the environmental sanitation started just so she got her food in time… Keeping the communication lines open  so all stakeholders are abreast of Olurotimi’s progress. You should hear me. I almost sound as good as them doctors schooling our family members on the multiple infections Olurotimi had ( tonsillitis, chest infection & H.pylori in the stomach) . I assume  its good practice for when my kids show up . The thing about this is how you learn to put another person’s needs before yours learning to show genuine concern…  Now I look forward to meeting my triplets   Arinola, Adunola & Anjola and not putting the cart before the horse , as this is the Month of Love.I  look forward to meeting their father, or maybe we’ve met…Je ne sais pas… Coincidentally its also the same month I was conceived [Don’t gimme that look, Its a good nine months between February & October full stop!]

After a week and some at the hospital, a minor medical procedure ,  20 injections, 10 infusions, a million tablets, 4dozen bottles of ribena, 12 snails, freshly squeezed watermelon & pineapple juice, a mixture of croissants,chocolate strawberry & cheese cakes,varied selection of biscuits and not forgetting Olurotimi’s favorite  “Haribos” . A healthy dose of cajoling and coaxing her to eat some of her dreaded meals Ogi & Oats…

Olurotimi is back home threatening our collective sanity with her desire to quit her day job to study Drama at JULIARD !

Oh & guess what I finally  got a copy of a Bereolaesque .  Sadly I can’t give u a review yet as I have been so busy with my role as acting-mother I haven’t read past the first few pages.

Here’s to a Healthy Weekend…

Mille Bisous

Olatanwa Seni-Hughes

[  Excited dance people!  Sehindemi is finally putting pen to paper…watch out for a Valentine’s post from him ]

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